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What Else Can Complete Medical Lists Do?

Obviously, we are your go-to provider of medical mailing lists, but we have a lot more up our sleeves to make us the one-stop source for all your lead generation needs.

Append Phone Numbers

Is your in-house mailing list only postal records, or do just a handful have phone numbers? We can append phone numbers to your list to help you reach your audience through another avenue. Or have you collected phone numbers of your clients, but want to get mailing addresses? We call that a reverse append, and we can do those too!

Append Demographic & Lifestyle Information

If you aren't segmenting your in-house mailing list and sending each segment a targeted message, you're wasting time and money. What segments to use depends on your service or product. Do different occupations use your service for different reasons? Are women more likely to buy one of your products, and men more likely to buy another one? We can append demographic & lifestyle information - such as age, income, gender, profession, home ownership, and much more - to help you ensure you're marketing the right products to the right segment of your audience.

Model Your Customer File

Wouldn't you love to clone your best customers? We get as close as legally possible by modeling your existing customer file. We compare your customers to the most premier consumer purchase files available to create a comprehensive model of your top customers. We then develop a list of your perfect potential customers based on that model. Ask us how you can receive a modeled sample file of 10,000 records for just $500!

National Change of Address Update

Is your list a couple months old? Are you getting back returned mail when you send your mailings? With 2% of the population moving every month, your list can get outdated quickly. Recapture your customers by freshening up your database with our National Change of Address Update, which will append the new addresses for everyone (consumers and businesses) who have moved.

Email Campaign

Few marketing campaigns are complete these days without an email blast. And - you guessed it - we can help manage your email campaign too!


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