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Healthcare Facilities & Executives

403,766Total Healthcare Facility Executives Postal Addresses$95/M
403,766With Telephone Numbers+ $30/M
128,715With Email Addresses$450/M Blast or $500/M Released
70,642Total Healthcare Facilities$95/M

This is the most comprehensive listing of Executives in Healthcare Facilities available. Reach the decision makers in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, surgery centers, alcohol & drug facilities, and other medical facilities.

These Healthcare Executives are an excellent audience for medical supplies and equipment, medical publications, medical apparel, recruitment, business and marketing services, and much more.

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Additional Segments for Healthcare Facilities & Executives

Job Function
22,765Activities Director
9,736Admissions Director
2,809Alzheimers Services Director
1,417Ambulatory/Outpatient Services Director
2,538Anesthesiology Chief
9,037Assisted Living Director
1,808Biomedical Engineering Director
2,140Blood Bank Director
2,679Business Office Director
13,815Business Office Manager
1,353Cardiac Cath Lab Director
1,640Cardiology Director
1,358Case Management Director
1,836Central Supply Director
1,382Central/Sterile Services Director
594Chemical/Substance Abuse Director
345Chief Executive Officer
4,767Chief Financial Officer
3,161Chief Information Officer
3,987Chief Medical Staff
1,996Chief Operating Officer
4,513Chief Purchasing Officer
2,539Clinical Laboratories Director
852Continuing Education Director
55Dir of State Health Dept
1,346Discharge Planning/Social Services Director
859DRG Coding Director
2,862Emergency Room Clinical Director
2,664Facility/Plant Manager
62Family Practice Director
23,617Food Services Director
374Formulary Committee Chair
19Gastroenterology Director
603Geriatric Services Director
6,079Health Services Dir
2,725HIPAA Compliance Director
6,400Home Health Administrator
5,392Home Health Nursing Dir
993Home Healthcare Services Director
1,754Hospice Director
1,638Hospice Nrsg Director
18,458Housekeeping Director
14,245Human Resources Director
6,484Independent Living Director
3,623Infection Control Director
1,121Inservice Education Director
8,071In-Service Education Director
2,167Intensive Care Unit Director
122Internal Medicine Chief
268Managed Care Services Director
128Management Service Director
3,552Marketing Director
8,513Marketing/Public Relations Dir
968Materials Management Director
27,657Medical Director
1,116Medical Library Director
13,744Medical Records Director
741Neonatal Care Director
769Neurosurgery Chief
616Nuclear Medicine Director
9,692Nursing Home Director
20,453Nursing Services Director
269Nutrition Director
829OB/GYN Director
1,943Obstetrics/Gynecology Chief
1,453Occupational Therapy Director
1,505Oncology Services Director
1,811Operating Room Director
1,544Orthopedic Surgery Chief
347P&T Committee Chair
226PACS Administrator
2,032Pastoral Care Director
1,052Patient Education Director
639Patient Financial Services Director
2,162Patient Services Director
1,784Pediatrics Chief
4,185Pharmacy Director
1,545Physical Rehab Services Dir
1,561Physical Therapy Director
8,407Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Dir
3,193Physician Director of Emergency Room
1,845Physician Recruiter
1,607Psychiatric Services Director
4,424Purchasing Director
2,896Quality Assurance Director
3,190Quality Control Director
861Radiology / Diagnostic/Imaging Director
2,540Radiology Chief
2,494Radiology Director
2,946Respiratory Therapy Director
650Risk Management Director
2,161Safety/ Engineering Director
2,277Security Director
1,194Sleep Lab Director
13,627Social Services Director
1,070Staff Development
205Surgery Chief
522Surgery Services Director
73Tele Medicine Director
17Urology Chief
1,337Utilization Review Manager
1,029Women's Health Services Director


Job Title$5/M
# of Employees$15/M
Type of Degree$15/M
Annual Budget$15/M
Phone Number$30/M

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P/S Labels:$10/M
Key Coding:$2/M

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