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Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers & Executives

821,626Total Durable Medical Equipment Executives Postal Addresses$75/M
821,626With Telephone Numbers+$15/M
95,597Total Durable Medical Equipment Companies$60/M
183,171With Email Addresses$300/M Blast or $325/M Released

These Durable Medical Equipment Executives run manufacturing, wholesale, and retail companies that supply medical professionals with all the necessary equipment, including hospital beds, artificial limbs, therapy equipment, x-ray machines, etc.

These Executives are selectable by equipment type, number of employees, sales volume, minority-owned, and much more.

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Additional Segments for Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers & Executives

133,173Surgical and medical instruments
2,607Ophthalmic instruments and apparatus
13,306Diagnostic apparatus, medical
806Veterinarians' instruments and apparatus
22,898Surgical instruments and apparatus
6,402Medical instruments and equipment, blood and bone work
924Surgical and medical instruments, nec
32,586Surgical appliances and supplies
6,790Personal safety equipment
46Cotton and cotton applicators
7,056Prosthetic appliances
17,588Orthopedic appliances
456Bandages and dressings
7,861Surgical appliances and supplies, nec
3,726Dental equipment and supplies
4,742Dental equipment
3,283Dental materials
2,814X-ray apparatus and tubes
1,457X-ray apparatus and tubes, nec
14,964Electromedical equipment
15,788Electromedical apparatus
3,450Electrotherapeutic apparatus
3,140Electromedical equipment, nec
5,421Ophthalmic goods
2,005Frames, lenses, and parts, eyeglass and spectacle
1,244Protective eyeware
3,205Ophthalmic goods, nec
13,396Medical and hospital equipment
3,436Hospital equipment and furniture
138Beds, hospital
1,770Hospital equipment and supplies, nec
79Hospital furniture
2,371Instruments, surgical and medical
359Oxygen therapy equipment
279Patient monitoring equipment
382Physician equipment and supplies
2,032Surgical equipment and supplies
2,917X-ray machines and tubes
9,913Dental equipment and supplies
91Dental laboratory equipment
422Dentists' professional supplies
67,795Medical equipment and supplies
147Artificial limbs
53Baths, whirlpool
3,069Diagnostic equipment, medical
1,275Electro-medical equipment
83Glass, medical
956Hearing aids
229Incontinent care products and supplies
1,753Medical laboratory equipment
1,868Orthopedic equipment and supplies
265Technical aids for the handicapped
1,064Therapy equipment
499Industrial safety devices: first aid kits and masks
2,472Veterinarians' equipment and supplies
321X-ray film and supplies
291,983Drug Stores and Proprietary Stores
42,008Optical Goods Stores
13,932Medical apparatus and supplies
388Artificial limbs
588Convalescent equipment and supplies
21,920Hearing aids
2,903Hospital equipment and supplies
21Incontinent care products
7,354Orthopedic and prosthesis applications
260Technical aids for the handicapped
327Wheelchair lifts
2,770Medical marijuana dispensaries


Phone Number$15/M
# of Employees$5/M
Sales Volume$5/M
Job Title$10/M

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P/S Labels:$10/M
Key Coding:$2/M

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