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Canadian Lawyers

17,802Total Canadian Lawyers Postal Addresses$90/M
17,802With Telephone Numbers$50/M

Reach Canadian Lawyers at their office location. These attorneys give legal advice and assistance to their clients and represent them in court or in other legal matters. This file includes both solo practice and corporate attorneys.

These Lawyers are excellent prospects for continuing education seminars, industry publications, business and financial services, recruitment, and more. Their demographic also makes them an ideal audience for high-end offers, such as vacations, luxury items, credit cards, jewelry, financial offers, and more.

Be aware that Canadian emails are not available, due to CASL legislation in Canada.

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Additional Segments for Canadian Lawyers

2,731British Columbia
568New Brunswick
293Newfoundland And Labrador
498Nova Scotia
32Northwst Territories
121Prince Edward Island
43Yukon Territories


Phone Number$50/M
Contact Name$20/M
Employee Size$15/M
Sales Volume$15/M
Year Started$25/M

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P/S Labels:$10/M
Key Coding:$2/M

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