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eMedical Hospital Executives

95,954Total Hospital Executives with Email Addresses$450/M Blast or $500/M Released
95,954With Matching Postal Addresses+ $95/M
95,954With Matching Telephone Numbers+ $30/M

This highly responsive opt-in email database represents the most comprehensive listing of Hospital Executives with email addresses available. You can target these hospital executives by job title and department, making this file invaluable to people who want to effectively target their ideal audience.

These medical professionals are the perfect audience for Continuing Medical Education (CME), medical apparel, online medical journals, recruitment, medical supplies and equipment, business and marketing services, and more. They are also great prospects for most consumer offers, such as vacations, credit cards, publications, and much more.

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Additional Segments for eMedical Hospital Executives

Job Titles
3,476Chief Administrative Officer
5Chief Executive Officer
2,744Chief Financial Officer
2,215Chief Information Officer
2,957Chief Medical Officer
1,455Chief Operations Officer
2,004Admissions Director
1,019Ambulatory Services Dir
1,170Biomedical Engineer
1,460Blood Bank Director
53Burn Care Unit Director
1,844Business Office Director
959Cardiac Cath Lab Director
1,017Cardiology Director
1,500Central Supply Srvs Director
398Chemical/Substance Abuse Dir
1,576Chief of Anesthesiology
471Chief of Neurosurgery
1,224Chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology
988Chief of Orthopedic Surgery
1,081Chief of Pediatrics
1,585Chief of Radiology
1,914Clinical Coord of ER
968Dir of Central/Sterile Srvs
408Dir of Geriatric Srvs
668Dir of Home Healthcare Srv
1,065Dir of Psychiatric Srvs
615Director of Continuing Education
1,093Discharge Planning Director
1,795Facilities Management Director
2,860Food Services Director
2,257Housekeeping Director
3,058Human Resources Director
1,475ICU/CCU Director
769In-Service Education Dir
2,481Infection Prevention Director
1,718Laboratory Director
2,458Marketing Director
759Medical Library Dir
2,801Medical Records Director
519Neonatal Care Director
2,197Nursing Director
537OB/GYN Surg Director
1,067Occupational Therapy Dir
1,010Oncology Services Director
1,326Operating Room Dir
1,406Pastoral Care Director
645Patient Education Dir
1,505Patient Services Director
3,325Pharmacy Director
1,015Physical Rehab Services Dir
1,051Physical Therapy Director
2,005Physician Director of ER
1,349Physician Recruiter
1,705Purchasing Director
2,318Quality Assurance Director
2,630Radiology Director
2,020Respiratory Therapy Director
1,525Safety Director
1,525Security Director
810Sleep Lab Director
1,406Social Services Director
710Staff Development Director
1,321Utilization Review Director
664Womens Health Srv Director


Job Function$5/M
Type of Degree$15/M
Hospital Specialty$5/M
Number of Beds$15/M
Employee Size$15/M
Phone Number$30/M

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P/S Labels:$10/M
Key Coding:$2/M

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