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1,923,971Total Business Emails$300/M Blast or $500/M Released
1,923,971With Matching Postal Addresses+ $60/M
1,923,971With Matching Phone Numbers+ $15/M

This responsive email database is the most complete listing of email addresses for key contacts at American Businesses. You can target your email campaign audience by business type, job title, sales volume, employee size, and much more!

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Additional Segments for eBusinesses Emails

3,829Agricultural Production-Crops
1,747Agricultural Production-Livestock
24,243Agricultural Services
374Fishing Hunting & Trapping
39Metal Mining
76Coal Mining
4,665Oil & Gas Extraction
1,045Mining & Quarrying-Nonmetallic Minerals
41,286Building Construction-Gen Contractors
6,002Heavy Construction Except Building
76,492Construction-Special Trade Contractors
10,840Food & Kindred Products Mfrs
110Tobacco Products Mfrs
1,339Textile Mill Products Mfrs
2,386Apparel & Other Finished Products-Mfrs
4,450Lumber & Wood Prods Except Furntr Mfrs
1,996Furniture & Fixtures Mfrs
3,114Paper & Allied Products Mfrs
19,977Printing Publishing & Allied Industries
8,541Chemicals & Allied Products Mfrs
1,153Petroleum Refining & Related Inds Mfrs
5,303Rubber & Miscellaneous Plastics Mfrs
372Leather & Leather Products Mfrs
4,036Stone Clay Glass & Concrete Prods Mfrs
3,795Primary Metal Industries Mfrs
15,282Fabricated Metal Products Mfrs
23,967Industrial & Commercial Machinery Mfrs
10,441Electronic & Other Electrical Equip Mfr
6,865Transportation Equipment Mfrs
10,685Measuring & Analyzing Instruments-Mfrs
11,055Miscellaneous Manufacturing Inds Mfrs
451Railroad Transportation
6,821Local/Suburban Transit & Hwy Passenger
24,121Motor Freight Transportation/Warehouse
3,209United States Postal Service
2,760Water Transportation
3,966Transportation By Air
640Pipelines Except Natural Gas
13,079Transportation Services
12,028Electric Gas & Sanitary Services
82,015Wholesale Trade-Durable Goods
28,966Wholesale Trade-Nondurable Goods
23,909Building Materials & Hardware
6,847General Merchandise Stores
19,321Food Stores
41,376Automotive Dealers & Service Stations
15,667Apparel & Accessory Stores
28,435Home Furniture & Furnishings Stores
53,106Eating & Drinking Places
69,194Miscellaneous Retail
36,218Depository Institutions
11,993Nondepository Credit Institutions
35,970Security & Commodity Brokers
4,028Insurance Carriers
56,840Insurance Agents Brokers & Service
86,743Real Estate
7,835Holding & Other Investment Offices
32,770Hotels Rooming Houses & Camps
49,739Personal Services
126,873Business Services
36,715Auto Repair Services & Parking
18,471Miscellaneous Repair Services
6,211Motion Pictures
42,191Amusement & Recreation Services
97,255Health Services
64,027Legal Services
79,176Educational Services
88,282Social Services
11,923Museums Art Galleries & Gardens
39,873Membership Organizations
124,074Engineering & Accounting & Mgmt Svcs
49,851Executive Legislative & General Govt
9,990Justice Public Order & Safety
507Public Finance & Taxation Policy
978Administration-Human Resource Programs
765Admin-Environmental Quality Programs
1,501Administration Of Economic Programs
Datacard Updated: 1/25/2019

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Contact Name$15/M
Job Title$10/M
Phone Number$15/M
# of Employees$5/M
# of Locations$5/M
Sales Volume$5/M
Year Started$10/M
Minority Owned$15/M
Woman Owned$15/M


For released emails and/or matching postal addresses:
Email Delivery:$25/F
P/S Labels:$10/M
Key Coding:$2/M


  • 3,000 Name Minimum Order for Email Blast
  • 1,600 Name Minimum Order for Released Emails
  • Blast Set Up: $150/F
  • Suppression (if required): $300/F
  • Personalization: $100/F
  • Allow 5-7 business days for blast set up.
  • Tracking Reports 2 & 5 business days after blast.
  • Cancellations after blast set up are fully due.
  • Broker Commission: 20% on base

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Our List Experts can give you a detailed count & quote - call
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 Yes, I am human - not a spambot. :)
We take privacy very seriously. We will never share your information.

Why Choose Complete Medical Lists?

We are serious about accuracy. Each and every order is validated up to six times, including:

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  • National Change of Address (NCOA) processing every six weeks and again the day your file is delivered so you reach your audience at their most recent, accurate address. This also gives you the full 95 days to mail your piece!
  • Double Verification against the most premier consumer database files available.
  • Do Not Call Compliance for all telephone numbers is assured by continual scrubbing of our databases.

In fact, we're so sure of our accuracy, we have a 95% Deliverability Guarantee so you can feel confident that you are reaching verified addresses.

We're also proud of how comprehensive our lists are. No one else has medical data with as much specialty, demographic, and lifestyle information as we do. Whether you're looking for specialty doctors, affluent travelers, catalog shoppers, or a combination of all of those - we have you covered. Our hundreds of select options ensure your ideal audience is targeted.

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