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Teachers (K-12) at School

5,572,305Total K-12 Teachers at School Address Postal Addresses$90/M
5,572,305With Telephone Numbers+ $15/M
4,223,964With Email Addresses$410/M Blast or $750/M Released

This responsive database is the most complete listing of K-12 Teachers at School available. Reaching these teachers at school gives you a great opportunity to reach them during school breaks and summer vacation, as well as during the school year.

These K-12 Teachers are the perfect audience for classroom materials, Continuing Education seminars, books, and most consumer offers, such as magazines, credit cards, financial and investment offers, and much more.

See why Complete Medical Lists is the source for K12-Teachers at School:

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Additional Segments for Teachers (K-12) at School

12,127District of Columbia
173,023North Carolina
17,139North Dakota
28,801New Hampshire
189,485New Jersey
38,592New Mexico
335,681New York
19,336Rhode Island
89,532South Carolina
19,018South Dakota
32,274West Virginia
Select Job Titles
2,054Academic Assessment Director
2,066Activities Coordinator
3,791Adaptive Pe Teacher
2,820Admissions Director
9,768Agricultural Education Teacher
39,403Algebra Teacher
3,649Art Department Chairperson
91,498Art Teacher
90,098Assistant Principal
1,210Astronomy Teacher
30,639At Risk/Alternative Tchr
4,400Athletic Director
2,787Athletic Director Boys
4,081Athletic Director Jr High
7,091Athletic Trainer
8,403Autism Specialist
3,394Auto Mechanics/Repair Teacher
24,960Band Director
10,875Baseball Coach
13,737Basketball Coach Boys
13,724Basketball Coach Girls
13,829Before/After Sch Coordinator
21,360Bilingual Education Teacher
25,741Biology Teacher
2,570Booster Club President
1,460Bowling Coach Boys
2,015Buildings And Grounds Director
1,500Business/Office Dept Chair
21,801Business/Office Ed Teacher
63,219Cafeteria Manager
3,294Calculus Teacher
1,441Career & Tech Ed Dept Chair
10,300Career & Technical Ed Teacher
2,215Career Center Technician
2,962Career Education Teacher
13,066Cheerleader Coach
16,351Chemistry Teacher
3,490Chinese Teacher
17,977Choral Director
8,584Civics/Government Teacher
2,556Community Service Coordinator
2,571Computer Applications Teacher
6,537Computer Lab Supervisor
22,748Computer Literacy Teacher
1,331Computer Programming Teacher
32,087Computer Science Teacher
13,725Computer Technician
1,410Conflict Management Instructor
3,377Construction Trades Teacher
1,466Co-Op/Work Experience Coord
1,481Cosmetology Teacher
1,472Criminal Justice Teacher
6,221Cross Country Coach Boys
1,430Cross Country Coach Girls
2,987Culinary Arts Teacher
11,195Curriculum Coordinator
168,658Custodial Personnel
6,042Dance Teacher
2,493Dance/Pom Pom Coach
14,037Dean Of Students
1,461Drafting Teacher
14,521Drama Teacher
6,659Driver Education Teacher
16,798Early Childhood Special Needs
4,539Earth/Space Science Teacher
8,381Economics Teacher
55,992Eighth Grade Teacher
1,851Elementary Principal
125,002Elementary School Teacher
2,710Eleventh Grade Teacher
2,498Engineering Teacher
9,107English Dept Chairperson
42,840English Language Learner Tchr
298,782English/Language Arts Teacher
1,934Environmental Science Teacher
1,018Family/Consumer Sci Dept Chair
18,392Family/Consumer Sciences Tchr
1,565Field Hockey Coach
141,323Fifth Grade Teacher
2,647Fine Arts Dept Chairperson
18,526Fine Arts Teacher
179,503First Grade Teacher
2,796Food Service Director
1,557Food/Nutrition Teacher
10,503Football Coach
5,023Foreign/World Dept Chair
20,379Foreign/World Lang Teacher
153,627Fourth Grade Teacher
12,614French Teacher
2,450Ged/Basic Skills Teacher
42,957General Music Teacher
1,578General Science Teacher
9,295Geography Teacher
7,320Geometry Teacher
2,845German Teacher
7,059Golf Coach Boys
2,139Golf Coach Girls
1,668Graphic Arts Teacher
123,833Guidance Counselor
5,453Guidance Dept Chairperson
1,488Guidance/College Advisor
1,020Gymnastics Coach Girls
4,846Head Start Teacher
6,238Health Occupations Teacher
2,185Health Services Director
23,209Health Teacher
4,333Hearing Specialist
17,318History Teacher
1,817Hospital/Homebound Teacher
4,924Human Anatomy/Physiology Tchr
4,331Humanities Teacher
1,334Ice Hockey Coach Boys
8,324In School Suspension Director
2,823Instructional Media Svcs Dir
2,234Instructional Technology Dir
7,489Instrumental Music Teacher
31,458Intermediate Teacher
1,891Internet/Website Teacher
1,092Italian Teacher
1,109Journalism Teacher
1,494K-12 Special Ed Director
2,061Keyboarding/Typing Teacher
177,934Kindergarten Teacher
2,324Lacrosse Coach Boys
2,001Lacrosse Coach Girls
3,306Latin Teacher
2,014Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
14,068Learning Differences Teacher
35,071Library Aide
63,193Library/Media Specialist
2,147Life Science Teacher
5,389Life Skills Teacher
2,097Literature Teacher
2,525Marketing/Distrib Ed Teacher
3,192Math Coach
8,950Math Dept Chairperson
113,135Math Teacher
1,510Media Communications Teacher
1,324Middle/Junior High Principal
1,387Multimedia Teacher
3,602Music Department Chairperson
17,101Music Teacher
1,914Network System Administrator
4,612Ninth Grade Teacher
17,759Occupational Therapist
4,253Orchestra Director
243,771Paraprofessional/Instruct Aide
1,224Personal Finance Teacher
5,326Physical Ed Dept Chairperson
140,407Physical Education Teacher
2,841Physical Science Teacher
7,522Physical Therapist
6,170Physics Teacher
1,387Pre-Calculus Teacher
65,659Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
1,451Psychology Teacher
38,516Pta/Pto President
1,617Reading Recovery Teacher
33,165Reading Teacher
5,975Reading/Literacy Coach
10,297Religious Studies Teacher
6,670Remedial Math Teacher
22,344Remedial Reading Teacher
71,545Resource Teacher
25,429Response To Intervention Tchr
7,779Rotc Instructor
125,468Sch Secy/Administrative Asst
1,053School Newspaper Advisor
37,459School Psychologist
22,107School Resource Officer
2,602School Store Manager
8,296Science Dept Chairperson
71,839Science Teacher
165,995Second Grade Teacher
1,460Secondary Principal
70,632Secondary Teacher
77,412Seventh Grade Teacher
1,578Sign Language Teacher
94,674Sixth Grade Teacher
8,756Soccer Coach Boys
7,097Soccer Coach Girls
7,569Social Studies Dept Chairprsn
56,456Social Studies Teacher
27,835Social Worker
11,359Softball Coach Girls
63,870Spanish Teacher
8,228Special Ed Dept Chairperson
235,501Special Education Teacher
123,220Special Needs Aide
2,290Speech/Debate Teacher
68,706Speech-Language Pathologist
4,795Staff Development Specialist
6,346STEM Teacher
1,195Strength & Conditioning Coach
5,801Student Activity Coordinator
8,198Study Skills Teacher
4,809Swimming Coach Boys
1,355Swimming Coach Girls
15,029Tchr Of Emotionally Challenged
2,256Tchr Of Severely Challenged
1,710Tchr Of Visually Impaired
19,497Teacher Mentor
31,990Teacher Of Gifted Children
8,289Teacher Of Mentally Challenged
7,732Technology Champion
14,278Technology Coordinator
3,742Technology Education Dept Chair
17,074Technology Education Teacher
5,937Tennis Coach Boys
2,921Tennis Coach Girls
4,716Tenth Grade Teacher
1,525Test Preparation Teacher
164,662Third Grade Teacher
1,049Title I Coordinator
2,379Title I Math Teacher
5,040Title I Reading Teacher
14,482Title I Teacher
11,224Track Coach Boys
5,328Track Coach Girls
2,056Twelfth Grade Teacher
12,929U S History Teacher
1,276Volleyball Coach Boys
12,829Volleyball Coach Girls
7,394World History/Culture Teacher
7,863Wrestling Coach
1,892Writing/Composition Teacher
6,932Yearbook Advisor


Phone Number$35/M
Job Function$5/M
Grade Level$5/M
School Type$5/M
Years of Experience$5/M

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