Teachers (K-12) at Home

3,716,758Total K-12 Teachers at Home Address$85/M
1,003,805With Telephone Numbers+ $15/M
283,360With DNC Scrubbed Telephones+ $15/M
949,549With Email Addresses+ $125/M

This responsive database is the most complete listing of K-12 Teachers at Home available. Reaching these teachers at home gives you a great opportunity to reach them during school breaks and summer vacation, as well as during the school year.

These K-12 Teachers are the perfect audience for classroom materials, Continuing Education seminars, books, and most consumer offers, such as magazines, credit cards, financial and investment offers, and much more.

See why Complete Medical Lists is the source for K-12 Teachers at Home:

  • National Change of Address (NCOA) processing every 6 weeks and again the day your file is delivered so you reach your audience at their most recent, accurate address - and you have the full 95 days to mail your piece!
  • Delivery Point Validation and CASS Certification to ensure top notch accuracy.
  • Do Not Call Compliance for telephone numbers is assured by continual scrubbing.
  • 95% Deliverability Guarantee!
  • Over 400 household demographic & lifestyle selections available to help you target your ideal audience!

Additional Segments for Teachers (K-12) at Home

1,709,228Income $50K - $99K
4,027Income $100K+
5,649District of Columbia
118,307North Carolina
10,670North Dakota
20,990New Hampshire
132,418New Jersey
23,131New Mexico
238,752New York
15,500Rhode Island
58,606South Carolina
11,151South Dakota
21,902West Virginia
School Type
School Control
12,998Public Schools
528Private Catholic Schools
1,215Private Non- Catholic Schools
160State Schools
10County Schools
Job Title
9,941Bus/Finance/Purchasing Dir
6,939Buildings And Grounds Director
5,406Food Service Director
4,252Transportation Director
1,871Athletic Director
937Health Services Director
1,578K-12 Curric/Instruct Director
714Elem Curric/Instruct Director
428Sec Curric/Instruct Director
1,168Federal Program Director
620Title I Coordinator
79Title V Coordinator
1,358Assistant Superintendent
724Instructional Media Svcs Dir
190K-12 Art Director
6Elem Art Director
1Sec Art Director
113K-12 Music Director
4Elem Music Director
2Sec Music Director
25Business Education Director
457Career & Technical Ed Director
65Technology Education Director
36Family/Consumer Science Dir
441Adult Education Director
362K-12 Career Ed/School-To-Work
3Elem Career Ed/School-To-Work
20Sec Career Ed/School-To-Work
656Early Childhood Ed Director
230Health/Phys Ed Director
344K-12 Guidance Services Dir
99Elem Guidance Services Dir
164Sec Guidance Services Dir
179K-12 Social Studies Director
17Elem Social Studies Director
34Sec Social Studies Director
220K-12 Science Director
42Elem Science Director
45Sec Science Director
246K-12 Math Director
71Elem Math Director
73Sec Math Director
122K-12 English/Lang Arts Dir
37Elem English/Lang Arts Dir
49Sec English/Lang Arts Dir
116K-12 Reading Director
27Elem Reading Director
12Sec Reading Director
68K-12 Remedial Reading Director
13Elem Remedial Reading Director
773Bilingual/ELL Director
2,604K-12 Special Ed Director
281Elem Special Ed Director
144Sec Special Ed Director
107K-12 Foreign/World Lang Dir
2Elem Foreign/World Lang Dir
10Sec Foreign/World Lang Dir
33K-12 Religious Ed Director
6Elem Religious Ed Director
3Sec Religious Ed Director
10,556School Board President
2,099Teacher Personnel Director
853Academic Assessment Director
157Research/Development Director
1,075Public Information Director
119Summer School Director
2,264Instructional Technology Dir
567Inservice Training Director
88Marketing/Distributive Dir
755Information Systems Director
688Psychological Assessment Dir
161Affirmative Action Director
846Student Personnel Director
101Driver Ed/Safety Director
626Gifted/Talented Director
296Video Services Director
1,059Substance Abuse Prevntn Coord
1,482Erate Administrator
462Aids Education Coordinator
866Alternative/At Risk Coord
102Multi Cultural Curriculum Dir
335Social Work Coordinator
1,192Safety/Security Director
94Magnet School Coordinator
424Parental Involvement Coord
263Tech Prep Coordinator
133,124First Grade Teacher
129,116Second Grade Teacher
123,729Third Grade Teacher
114,300Fourth Grade Teacher
94,923Fifth Grade Teacher
51,146Sixth Grade Teacher
31,547Seventh Grade Teacher
28,381Eighth Grade Teacher
124,093Kindergarten Teacher
108,505Elementary School Teacher
202Pre-First Grade Teacher
12,467Early Childhood Special Needs
10,911At Risk/Alternative Tchr
1,778Tenth Grade Teacher
1,318Eleventh Grade Teacher
1,205Twelfth Grade Teacher
2,755Head Start Teacher
32Primary School Teacher
44,318Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
64,438Secondary Teacher
2,871Ninth Grade Teacher
254Head Teacher
10,393Teacher Mentor
533Team Leader
30,401Intermediate Teacher
924Elementary Principal
724Secondary Principal
56,220Assistant Principal
598Middle/Junior High Principal
1,511Admissions Director
272Character Education Director
685Migrant Education Director
801Teacher Mentor Director
985Before/After School Director
537Response To Intervention Coord
65K-12 Remedial Math Director
294Literacy Coach
276Stem Coordinator
674Digital Learning Director
1,040Common Core Standards Director
836Accountability Director
2,180Network System Administrator
815Title II Programs Director
976Grant Writer/Partnerships
95,496Math Teacher
3,433Math Dept Chairperson
22,491Algebra Teacher
11,068Geometry Teacher
2,903Calculus Teacher
1,295Trigonometry Teacher
1,472Statistics Teacher
5,095Remedial Math Teacher
836General Math Teacher
2,976Pre-Algebra Teacher
4,139Reading/Literacy Coach
3,256Pre-Calculus Teacher
289Spelling Teacher
2,732Writing/Composition Teacher
69,294Science Teacher
3,036Science Dept Chairperson
17,093Biology Teacher
5,167Earth/Space Science Teacher
5,069Physical Science Teacher
2,896Environmental Science Teacher
12,002Chemistry Teacher
2,938General Science Teacher
7,036Physics Teacher
1,658Human Anatomy/Physiology Tchr
566Science Coach
2,238Math Coach
930Lead Kindergarten Teacher
57,488Social Studies Teacher
2,295Social Studies Dept Chairprsn
12,140U S History Teacher
10,134World History/Culture Teacher
6,128Civics/Government Teacher
3,189Economics Teacher
5,422Geography Teacher
2,258Psychology Teacher
938Sociology/Anthropology Teacher
176Philosophy Teacher
179Minorities Teacher
1,125Reading Recovery Teacher
2,089Humanities Teacher
773American Literature Teacher
70Business English Teacher
462Astronomy Teacher
4,379Literature Teacher
131,071English/Language Arts Teacher
3,028English Dept Chairperson
12,294Remedial Reading Teacher
30,803Reading Teacher
8,954Fine Arts Teacher
2,258Journalism Teacher
684Fine Arts Dept Chairperson
2,448Speech/Debate Teacher
713Horticulture Teacher
8,847Drama Teacher
3,336Culinary Arts Teacher
2,297Food/Nutrition Teacher
1,628Child Development Teacher
1,264Accounting Teacher
2,629Keyboarding/Typing Teacher
221Word Processing Teacher
1,107Cosmetology Teacher
2,545Construction Trades Teacher
519Electronics Teacher
2,698Auto Mechanics/Repair Teacher
7,641Career & Technical Ed Teacher
500Career & Tech Ed Dept Chair
5,764Agricultural Education Teacher
2,534Marketing/Distrib Ed Teacher
1,422Co-Op/Work Experience Coord
12,059Family/Consumer Sciences Tchr
13,496Business/Office Ed Teacher
1,554Personal Finance Teacher
17,488Technology Education Teacher
1,194Drafting Teacher
4,779Health Occupations Teacher
352Family/Consumer Sci Dept Chair
395Business/Office Dept Chair
3,015Computer Applications Teacher
1,109Technology Education Dept Chair
950Woodworking Teacher
325Metalwork Teacher
928Welding Teacher
15,315Response To Intervention Tchr
717Business/Consumer Math Teacher
11,787Foreign/World Lang Teacher
2,024Foreign/World Dept Chair
7,727French Teacher
39,892Spanish Teacher
1,804German Teacher
2,101Latin Teacher
394Literacy Coordinator
105Russian Teacher
1,459Chinese Teacher
1,737Community Service Coordinator
408Japanese Teacher
671Italian Teacher
824Sign Language Teacher
618Internet/Website Teacher
1,150Photography Teacher
2,582Career Education Teacher
90Commercial Art Teacher
1,617Media Communications Teacher
4,372Life Skills Teacher
5,286Life Science Teacher
5,588Autism Specialist
364Applied Math Teacher
1,992Creative Writing Teacher
334Political Science Teacher
1,192Tchr Of Visually Impaired
245Desktop Publishing Teacher
2,865Dance Teacher
2,493Adaptive Pe Teacher
3,041Hearing Specialist
10,493Occupational Therapist
4,684Physical Therapist
167,006Special Education Teacher
3,803Special Ed Dept Chairperson
12,755Learning Differences Teacher
9,547Tchr Of Emotionally Challenged
7,141Teacher Of Mentally Challenged
832Tchr Of Physically Challenged
27,285Teacher Of Gifted Children
46,673Speech-Language Pathologist
13,971Title I Teacher
3,246Ged/Basic Skills Teacher
16,199Computer Science Teacher
840Computer Programming Teacher
125Computer Math Teacher
11,264Computer Literacy Teacher
11,740Technology Coordinator
5,917Computer Lab Supervisor
2,589State/Local History Teacher
725Law Teacher
368Computer Science Dept Chair
70,413Physical Education Teacher
1,533Physical Ed Dept Chairperson
30,117Health Teacher
188Aids Awareness Instructor
468Networking Teacher
836Multimedia Teacher
679Substance Abuse Aware Coord
2,821Driver Education Teacher
524Current Events Teacher
542Lead First Grade Teacher
464Lead Second Grade Teacher
480Lead Third Grade Teacher
437Lead Fourth Grade Teacher
504Lead Fifth Grade Teacher
158Lead Sixth Grade Teacher
1,230Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
99Consumer Economics Teacher
551Cloth/Textiles Teacher
2,948Engineering Teacher
2,360Graphic Arts Teacher
1,443Craft Teacher
625Art History/Appreciation Tchr
57,694Art Teacher
1,561Art Department Chairperson
17,884Music Teacher
1,197Music Department Chairperson
14,822Band Director
3,631Orchestra Director
Datacard Updated: 7/9/2018

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Phone Number$15/M
Job Function$5/M
Grade Level$5/M
School Type$10/M
Birth Month / Date$15/M
Marital Status$5/M
HH Income$5/M
Political Party$10/M
Ethnic Group$15/M
Language Spoken$15/M
Geography: $5/M
Zip Code, SCF, Zip Radius, CBSA, County
Presence of Child(ren)$5/M
# of Children in HH$5/M
# of Adults in HH$5/M
Child's Age$5/M
Child's Gender$5/M
Generations in HH$5/M
Senior Adults in HH$5/M
Single Parent$10/M
Dwelling Type$5/M
Length of Residence$10/M
Home Value$10/M
Home Loan Amount$15/M
Home Swimming Pool$10/M
Home Sq. Ft.$10/M
Home Year Built$10/M
Vacation Home$10/M
Green Living$10/M
Self Employed$20/M
Home Office$20/M
Personal Investments$10/M
Foreign Investments$10/M
Stocks & Bonds Investments$10/M
Active Investor$20/M
Property Investor$20/M
Net Worth$15/M
Buyer Activity
Avg. $ per Order$10/M
Dollars Spent Online/Offline$10/M
Last Order Date$10/M
Mail Order/Catalog Buyer$10/M
Catalog Type Buyer$10/M
Mail Responder$10/M
Method of Payment$10/M
Purchases by Month$10/M
Retail Purchase Category$10/M
Buyer Product Category: $10/M
Mens/Womens Apparel, High End Appliances, Arts & Antiques, Automotive, Books, Childrens Products, Club Memberships, Collectibles, Crafts & Hobbies, Discount Merchandise, Fishing, Food & Beverage, Gardening, Health & Beauty, Home Furnishings, Home Office, Hunting, Jewelry, Military Memorabilia, Musical Instruments, Pets, Photography/Video, Sports & Leisure, Travel Packages, Video & DVDs
Sports Interest
NASCAR / Auto Racing, Skiing, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Memorabilia
Donor: $10/M
Recent Donation, Mail Order Donor, Animal Welfare Causes, Arts & Cultural Causes, Childrens Causes, Environment / Wildlife Causes, Health Causes, Political Causes, Religious Causes, Veterans Causes
Lifestyle & Hobbies: $10/M
Antiques, Apple/Mac User, Arts, Automotive Work, Aviation, Beauty & Cosmetics, Boat Owner, Camping/Hiking, Career Improvement, Childrens' Interests, Civic Activities/Charities, Collectibles, Cooking, Current Affairs/Politics, Equestrian, Games - Board/Computer/Video, Gardening, Grandchildren, History/Military/Veteran, Home Improvement, Avid Music Listener, Pet Owner - Cat/Dog, Reading, Science/Space, Tobacco Smoker
Health Interest: $10/M
Bicycling, Dieting/Weight Loss, Health/Natural Food, Physical/Aerobic Exercise, Running/Jogging Exercise, Walking for Exercise
Travel Interest: $10/M
Cruise Vacations, Domestic Travel, International Travel, RV Travel


P/S Labels:$8/M
Key Coding:$2/M


  • 3,000 Name Minimum Order for Postal and Telemarketing
  • 7,500 Name Minimum Order for Email Addresses
  • Allow 1-3 business days to process your order.
  • 85% Net Name available on orders of 50,000 or more ($10/M Run Charge)
  • Unlimited Postal One-Year Usage: 2x base/minimum + selection and output material charges.
  • Cancellation Fee: $50/F + $8/M Run Charge
  • Broker Commission: 20% on base

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