Medical & Allied Health Professionals Mailing Lists

There are so many titles that fall under the wide umbrella of "Medical & Allied Health Professionals" that it's hard to name them all. But we'll try.

And we'll even add some options for targeting by demographics and lifestyles. Hey - and how about some office address and email addresses to showcase our variety. But, believe it or not, this list is far from exhaustive, since there really are just too many options.

If you're looking for any type of medical professional who isn't listed here, please contact us so we can hook you up with a detailed count and quote for the exact target you've got in mind.

Medical and Allied Health Professionals

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)

Nurse Midwives

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)

Clinical Lab Professionals

Dental Hygienists and Assistants

Medical Professionals at Home Address

Nurse Practitioners at Home Address

Physical Therapists & Assistants

Physician Assistants at Home Address

Podiatrists at Home Address

Licensed Social Workers

Psychologists at Home Address

International Medical Facilities & Executives

Canadian Pharmacies


Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) at Home Address


Paramedics & EMTs

Paramedics at Home Address

Chiropractors at Home Address

AMA Resident Physicians

Respiratory Therapists


Professional Counselors

Medical Assistants at Home Address

Occupational Therapists & Assistants

Pharmacy Technicians

Speech-Language Pathologists

Pharmacists at Home Address


Doctors at Home Address

Nursing Students

Psychotherapists at Office Address

Radiologic Technologists

Registered Nurses (RNs)

Traveling Nurses

Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs)

Addiction Counselors

Massage Therapists

Cosmetologists & Beauty Professionals

Dentists at Home Address

Dentists at Home Address by Specialty

Nurses & CNAs

Specialty Nurses

Doctors at Home Address by Specialty

Male State Licensed Professionals

Female State Licensed Professionals

Allied Health & Medical Professionals

Licensed Clinical Social Workers


Canadian Physicians

Home Health Aides

Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses


Marriage & Family Therapists

Mental Health Professionals

Athletic Trainers

ADA Dentists

AMA Medical Students

AMA Physicians

Veterinarians at Home Address

Veterinary Technicians

Medical Professionals at Office Address

Psychiatrists at Office Address

Endocrinologists at Office Address

Nurse Practitioners at Office Address by Specialty

Optometrists at Office Address

Otolaryngologists at Office Address

Physical Therapists at Business Address

Physician Assistants at Office Address with Specialty

Podiatrists at Office Address

Psychologists at Office Address

Radiologists at Office Address

Dietitians & Nutritionists at Office Address

Education Directors in Healthcare Facilities

Pharmacists at Independent Pharmacies

Dentists Office Managers

Doctors Office Managers

Anesthesiologists at Office Address

Heart Health Specialists

Occupational Therapists at Office Address

Acute Care Physicians at Office Address

Allergy Specialists at Office Address

Nurse Executives in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities Administrators

Physical Therapy & Rehab Executives in Healthcare Facilities

Pharmacists at Office Address (Enhanced)

Eye Care Professionals at Office Address

Medical Office Managers

Medical Assistants at Office Address

Dermatologists at Office Address

Emergency Medicine Specialists at Office Address

Neurologists at Office Address

Hospital Based or Affiliated Doctors

Chiropractors at Office Address

Cardiologists at Office Address

Dentists at Office Address

Dentists in Group Practices

Doctors at Office Address

Doctors in Group Practices

Internal Medicine Specialists at Office Address

Obstetricians & Gynecologists at Office Address

Oncologists at Office Address

Ophthalmologists at Office Address

Orthopedic Specialists at Office Address

Osteopathic Physicians at Office Address

Pathologists at Office Address

Pediatricians at Office Address

Primary Care Physicians

Surgeons at Office Address

Medical Professionals at Office Address

School Nurses at School Address

Hospital Food Service Executives

Municipal Health Departments & Executives

Pharmacists at Office Address

Healthcare Professionals at Veterans Administration Clinics

Veterinarians at Office Address

Medical Professionals by Demographics & Lifestyles

Hispanic Nurses

Healthcare Professionals who Own Pets

Healthcare Professionals in Veteran Households

Baby Boomer Allied Health & Medical Professionals

Generation X Allied Health & Medical Professionals

Doctors who Golf

Real Estate Investors: Allied Health & Medical Professionals

Patriotic Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals who Own Boats

Healthcare Professionals who Invest

Healthcare Professionals who Golf

Healthcare Professionals who Ski

Nurses who Invest

Healthcare Professionals who Shop Online

Nurses who are Health & Fitness Enthusiasts

Investing Physicians

Democratic & Republican Healthcare Professionals

Home Owners: Allied Health & Medical Professionals

Working Mothers: Allied Health & Medical Professionals

Home Owners: Nurses & CNAs

Nurses who Travel

Spanish Speaking Medical & Allied Health Professionals

Computer & Internet Savvy Nurses

Contributing Medical Professionals

Healthcare Professionals who Travel

Healthcare Professionals with Children

African American Healthcare Professionals

Affluent Medical Professionals

Nurses with Credit Cards

Metropolitan Allied Health & Medical Professionals

Rural Allied Health & Medical Professionals

Millenial Allied Health & Medical Professionals

Medical Online Education Prospects

Affluent Donors to Veteran Causes

Catalog Buyers: Cosmetologists

Catalog Buyers: Dental Hygienists & Assistants

Catalog Buyers: Dentists

Catalog Buyers: Medical & Health Professionals

Catalog Buyers: Mental Health Professionals

Catalog Buyers: Nurses & CNAs

Catalog Buyers: Therapists

Catalog Buyers: Paramedics & EMTs

Catalog Buyers: Pharmacists

Catalog Buyers: Physicians

Catalog Buyers: Radiologic Technologists

Catalog Buyers: Social Workers

Working Mothers: Nurses & CNAs

Contributing Nurses & CNAs

Home Owners: Physicians

Ethnic Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals by Religion

Medical Professionals Email Addresses

eMedical Doctors at Home Address

eMedical ADA Dentists

eMedical Allied Health & Medical Professionals

eMedical AMA Physicians

eMedical Cosmetologists

eMedical Dentists by Specialty at Office Address

eMedical Doctors by Specialty at Office Address

eMedical Hospital Executives

eMedical Mental Health Professionals

eMedical Nurse Practitioners

eMedical Nurses & CNAs

eMedical Pharmacists at Home

eMedical Physician Assistants

eMedical Veterinarians