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Honesty … such a simple, and occassionally lonely, word

I came across a couple items a few days apart and, on the surface, they aren’t really related at all … one was talking about a wireless carrier putting limits on its subscribers’ unlimited usage plans and another one was … Continue reading

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What Did You Expect?!! A Cautionary Tale of Baseball, Email Marketing, and the Supposed Death of Direct Mail.

As I promised back in late August, I am due for a full fledged rant on email marketing and here it is. But, I would like to ask a ginormous favor from you, Awesome Direct Marketer, before we get into … Continue reading

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Top 5 Tuesday: Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime To-Do’s

Whoa! I’ve been doing this list stuff for over two decades now and if I’ve learned one thing about the industry’s seasonality is after 20 years … I have no idea how the seasons will play out.  Sure, the first … Continue reading

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When Bad Trade Shows Happen to Good People

First, I have a sad, sad story to relate.  This sad story happened back in the early ‘70s.  I was just a kid and my father owned this motorcycle shop.  (This is not the story of my first ride on … Continue reading

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Do Not Mail and the Handbreakers

So, the story goes something like this:  The recording of Southern Accents was apparently a pretty stressful experience for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and one day, during mixing, Petty got really frustrated and he punched a wall and broke … Continue reading

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