Five New Year’s Resolutions

Here comes an explosion of resolutions! Ahhh!!! Oooh!!!

New Year’s Resolutions are a funny thing.  The general consensus is everyone makes them (if, by, everyone we mean “45% of Americans“) and no one keeps them (24% say they never succeed … which means … 76% are at least having some success, though, only 8% say they are fully successful in their resolutioning*).

*Resolutioning is not a word, but, really, it ought to be.

I’m reasonably confident you’ve heard the biggies lose weight/exercise, quit smoking, spend more time with family, learn something new* … y’know, the usual suspects.

*I don’t mean to brag, but, in 2014 I learned how to correctly roll a burrito.  My breakfast burritos are to die for and now they don’t spill all over the place.

Since this is business/marketing blog I thought it better, though, to talk about business/marketing resolutions.  It also seems to make sense to tell you my resolutions rather than be presumptuous about exactly what you should be resolutioning*.

*There it is again!  I like my new word.

Without further ado … my resolutions and some thoughts:

1) Get a New Year’s Resolution blog published in time for New Year’s Eve the first week of January. Most successful people are already their own worst critics.  Early in my professional life, I had a big (I mean B-I-G) screw-up and my boss, understandably, was not pleased; but, all things considered, he went pretty easy on me.  Why?  He told me there was nothing he could say to me that was worse than what he suspected I was already saying to myself.  Lesson learned: things are going to happen.  Delays will arise.  Don’t let perfect become the enemy of good enough!  Publishing this in February is a lost cause.  Publishing it for the first couple business days of the year?  It works.  Let your resolutions work for you.

2) Advertise more. You’ve heard the story about the shoemaker’s children going barefoot?  Yeah.  We fall victim to this syndrome from time-to-time.  We know direct marketing works.  We preach direct mail.  We have many, many clients who successfully use our data to conduct successful direct marketing campaigns … long-time, regular customers, even!  So, we’re going to advertise more this year.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in taking care of business we forget to take care of our (professional) selves*.

*Sometimes we forget to take care of our self-selves, too, but, that’s a topic for someone else’s blog post about personal New Year’s Resolutions.  Again, pretty sure you’ve seen a couple this week already.

3) Add one word to the English language. Check!  (Take a moment to appreciate the victories!  Will “resolutioning” be added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year?  Not likely, but, hey, I can’t do it all … just my part.)

4) Blog more. You may think I am typing this ironically.  No.  Really, I mean it.  Our marketing maven, Amy, insists blogging is part of the ingredients and incantation (“Eye of newt; toe of frog; new, fresh, relevant blog posts) that go into the witch’s brew of making our website show up well in searches.  I am a numbers guy.  I like baseball.  I like baseball statistics.  I am a direct marketer.  I like direct marketing statistics.  I like to measure … this many times on base divided by this many times at-bat … that’s on-base percentage and that starts to tell me something … not everything … but … something useful.  This many responses divided by that many mail-pieces sent … and that starts to tell me something useful, too.  I like that.  Blogging does help keep the website keep fresh.  That helps search.  How much?  Was it the updated datacards or was it the blog post?   I’m not exactly sure.  But, I am sure I like seeing our website generate new leads on a daily basis … so, a blogging I go!

5) Be open to new ideas. This is a subjective one.  I spent years being very resistant to email marketing … and I still believe direct mail is the most cost-effective form of new client acquisition.  But, like it or not, email marketing is happening.  Our clients want to do it.  I will still recommend mail as a first answer, but, of course, I will help the client follow their goals and programs.  I do not want to become the best buggy-whip manufacturer in town.  I want my clients to succeed (and, by extension, I want this company to succeed).  Time flies and the world changes.  Stick to your convictions.  Be open to new stuff.

There you go!  New Year … here we come!

Tim Burnell

About Tim Burnell

Tim Burnell, principal owner of Complete Medical Lists, has been helping clients reach their targeted markets through direct channels for over 20 years. He believes offering high quality data and unsurpassed service are the keys to Complete Medical’s success. He also believes all his CDs should be alphabetized by artist and then sorted by release date. Except for the Beatle CDs. They get sorted before all others.
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