My 50 Cents … your 50 Cents

Believe There is Good in the World.

Sometimes it really is that easy. Believe it. Be it.

Four years (or 7 blog posts*) ago we had a great idea … we were going to save the world 50 cents at a time.

*Somehow blogging once a week did not go exactly as planned.  I don’t know if I can promise you 52 new blog posts in 2016, but, we’ll do our collective best to make it more than zero times, because, I know you like to see them.  Right?  Right??!  (It’s okay to lie to me here and say, “Yes!”)

The thing was, when we started the 50 Cents at a Time Fund back in January 2012 … we didn’t have any idea of whether the effort would amount to much.  Would our clients go for it?  Would it just be another well-meaning-but-not-really-anything … thing.

Looking back on the original post I realized I didn’t explain the program exactly right.  Here’s what I said:

So starting today, each quote that we submit to our clients will include an optional charge of 50 cents per thousand to go to our 50 Cents at a Time Fund.  This is a totally optional donation – no one has to pay it.  But it will be there for every client to consider.

So, let’s say you place an order for 5,000 records.  If you chose to include the $.50/M charge, you’ll be billed an additional $2.50 that will go straight into the 50 Cents at a Time Fund.  If your order is for 100,000 records, your donation would be $50.  Easy, right?

And we will match every contribution.  So that $2.50 you donate is actually $5 with our matched donation.

I was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to being accurate!

Let me clarify one point.  We contribute $.50 per thousand on every order.  Then, our clients have the option of matching our contribution.

It’s a small, but, I think, important distinction.  We’re not waiting for our clients to take part before we take part.  We’re doing it all the time and inviting our clients to come along with us.

Each month we select a highly-rated local, regional, national, or international charity or organization and donate 80% of that month’s 50 Cent Fund collections to their cause.  We hold back 20% for a “rainy day” fund which we can use for various emergencies.  Since 2012, with the help of many of our awesome clients, we have donated nearly $50,000!

So, as we roll towards the end of one year and the beginning of a new … we want to thank the generous support we’ve received from our clients.  All those pennies and dollars have added up to make a positive impact on those in need.

Again, if you’ve donated in past:  Thank you!

If you’ve been thinking about it … please consider tacking on that $.50/M charge to your orders in 2016.  I know the groups on the receiving end and those they serve appreciate it.

Tim Burnell

About Tim Burnell

Tim Burnell, principal owner of Complete Medical Lists, has been helping clients reach their targeted markets through direct channels for over 20 years. He believes offering high quality data and unsurpassed service are the keys to Complete Medical’s success. He also believes all his CDs should be alphabetized by artist and then sorted by release date. Except for the Beatle CDs. They get sorted before all others.
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