DM101: Running through brick walls… and Fundraising

If you’ve ever watched a football game on the tube, you will know of what I speak and it is truth:  the analysts say the nuttiest things when they get excited.  I don’t recall who uttered this particular gem… I keep thinking it was Dan Dierdorf, but, I can’t say for sure.  In my memory it was one of the big guys… and the Hall-of-Fame lineman certainly qualifies as a big guy compared to, say, any of the former backs in the broadcast booth.  Anyway, a big guy on the field made a great play and the color guy got really excited and said, “This guy is a coach’s dream!  He will literally run through a brick wall for you!”


Anyway, I saw this piece about how fundraisers need to provide prospects with something tangible in order to communicate effectively.

A few years ago, Proctor & Gamble launched a cause-related marketing campaign in South Africa.  It was called “1 Pack=1 Vaccine,” and for every pack of diapers sold, a child was vaccinated against tetanus.  It was wildly successful, boosting Pampers sales and resulting in 150 million vaccines.

A rival campaign didn’t fare so well.  Its slogan was less tangible, not to mention wordy: “1 pack will help eradicate newborn tetanus globally.”  Meh.

Not only is the “equals” example tangible it is also a simple message with nary an SAT vocabulary word in sight!

So, there:  Be tangible.  Keep it simple.  And don’t say silly things that are meant only for the broadcast booth of a major North American professional sports league.

Tim Burnell

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