50 Cents at a Time and the Science Teacher’s Son

We have been thrilled and touched by the generosity of our clients.  At the beginning of the year we made a promise to help save the world (or, at the least, save some little parts of our world) 50 Cents at a Time.

So far this year we have supported a local homeless shelter, a foundation supporting research to find a cure for childhood cancer and a foundation supporting research to find a cure for diabetes.

When we first wrote about this back in January we started with three organizations and decided we’d add more as the year progressed.  Things at the office got very busy (which is a great thing), and all of a sudden, the first quarter ended and and we still needed to add a few more worthy organizations for the second quarter.

Right now I’d only like to talk about one:  The Melissa Jenkins Memorial Trust.

There’s no easy way around this one.  Melissa Jenkins, a local high school science teacher, was murdered early last week and she leaves behind a two year old son.

Community members have set up a trust fund for Melissa’s son, Ty, and we’ll be donating our April “50 Cents at a Time” to this Trust.  You can donate directly through the link above and, of course, you can add $.50/M to any list order you place this month.

It may seem like a little thing, but, as with any effort like this, every little bit helps.

Tim Burnell

About Tim Burnell

Tim Burnell, principal owner of Complete Medical Lists, has been helping clients reach their targeted markets through direct channels for over 20 years. He believes offering high quality data and unsurpassed service are the keys to Complete Medical’s success. He also believes all his CDs should be alphabetized by artist and then sorted by release date. Except for the Beatle CDs. They get sorted before all others.
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