How We’re Going to Save the World 50 Cents at a Time

Homeless Family

The need is overwhelming.

I think of myself as a charitable guy.  I volunteer regularly to raise money for a local organization.  I donate money when I hear there’s a need.

But this holiday season I heard more than my usual share of gut-wrenching stories of serious want and need.  I also witnessed generous projects and activities by friends, co-workers, clients, and local organizations.

The stories of families in need got under my skin.  It got me thinking.

I want to do more. I want to do more through my company by raising awareness and offering an opportunity for others to donate easily.

So starting today, each quote that we submit to our clients will include an optional charge of 50 cents per thousand to go to our 50 Cents at a Time Fund.  This is a totally optional donation – no one has to pay it.  But it will be there for every client to consider.

So, let’s say you place an order for 5,000 records.  If you chose to include the $.50/M charge, you’ll be billed an additional $2.50 that will go straight into the 50 Cents at a Time Fund.  If your order is for 100,000 records, your donation would be $50.  Easy,right?

And we will match every contribution.  So that $2.50 you donate is actually $5 with our matched donation.

Sure, that sounds like chump change to you and I who are sitting comfortably in our office.  But let me assure you that any amount is vital and greatly appreciated by too large of a percentage of our population.

And, really, it’s the cumulative effort that will make the greatest impact.  So the more people who decide, “Sure, what the heck” and add 50 cents per thousand to their order, the bigger the overall impact to the recipient.

So where is the 50 Cents at a Time Fund money going exactly?  Glad you asked.  We’ve put some real thought into selecting a different charity for each month.  There are some national causes that we believe strongly in, and there are several local organizations that we personally know are in desperate need of any financial aid.  The first three are:

January: Tyler Blain House. In honor of Poverty in America Awareness Month, we chose this homeless shelter just 25 minutes away from our office.  They offer an emergency shelter for up to 8 people, guiding them to gaining independence.  The funds we raise will go toward helping them keep the house heated, buy medicine, and get basic supplies like food, shampoo, diapers, and more.

February: Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Started by a 4 year old girl who was bravely battling a childhood cancer and wanted to help other kids who were fighting this disease too, this foundation is committed to finding a cure for childhood cancers.  The money raised goes toward cancer research as well as helping families with travel expenses for treatments.

March: Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation.  About 25 million Americans are living with diabetes.  This foundation was created to find the cure and to care for people who are suffering from life-threatening complications from the disease.  They fund researchers whose work has already provided substantial insight into the causes and provide services to people who are living with diabetes.

Stay tuned during the year – I will post updates of how much has been raised, and who we’ve selected to receive the money raised the following months.

Now if case you’re like me, you want to be sure that the money is going directly to the people who need it most – not right into the pocket of some CEO.  Rest assured that we’ve used Charity Navigator to research each of the national charities to make sure our money will be spent exactly how you expect it to be.

Please think about it. Please consider it.  Fifty cents a thousand isn’t going to break either one of us, but the cumulative effort will help a lot of people.

Okay, so we can’t save the entire world with this, but that’s not realistic, anyway.  We can save some little parts of our world and that has to count for something.

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