Complete Medical Lists Doubles Workforce This Year

Complete Medical Lists Team

Complete Medical Lists Team: L-R: Amy Badurina, June Chevalier, Cindy Burnell, Tim Burnell, Lisa Smith, and Michelle Csatari

Complete Medical Lists, LLC, a full service mailing list compiler, broker, and manager, is excited to announce three new employees have been hired this year.  On the company’s fifth anniversary at the start of this year, the office boasted three full-time employees.  Just four months later, they have six full-time employees.

Michelle Csatari was brought on board as a Sales Assistant in April.  CML has launched several new marketing initiatives this year that will keep Michelle busy providing excellent customer service to new clients.  She has a background in college football marketing and recruiting, working most recently for Dartmouth College Football as the Assistant Recruiting Coordinator.  This experience translated perfectly to quickly learning the ins and outs of direct marketing.

An enthusiastic addition to the team, Michelle has jumped right into bringing in new accounts and assisting clients with their requests for a wide variety of targeted lists.

Lisa Smith started as a Data Processor in March.  She is responsible for verifying and processing every order, including comparing it to the National Change of Address database to ensure the mailing list is accurate, before shipping it to the client.  Lisa previously spent 10 years as a Technical Communicator with Fluke Networks, a software company in NJ, where she gained crucial experience with the collection, verification, and analysis of large amounts of data.

As an expert user of advanced features in Microsoft Excel, Lisa has been a true asset to the team, streamlining many of the processes and handling complex orders with ease.

Amy Badurina was hired as an Office Assistant in January, but when successful marketing efforts became the focus of her workdays, she was quickly promoted to Marketing Director.  Amy has owned a website and database design company with her husband for the past five years, where she gained valuable experience guiding clients with targeted marketing plans.

CML is now keeping their clients updated with marketing tips, news, list specials, and information through a company blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, due to Amy’s efforts.

“I’m thrilled to be able to expand our workforce even during these tough economic times,” said Tim Burnell, Managing Partner of Complete Medical Lists.  “Our customers realize that in order to survive in this market they need to get the most value for their dollar, and direct mail remains the most cost effective, measureable marketing tool.  So our growth is a sign that our clients are growing their businesses as well.”

These talented new employees join Tim Burnell and Cindy Burnell, Office Diva, in their Franconia, NH office.  June Chevalier, Account Manager, has been working from a remote office in Pennsylvania since August 2010.  With twelve years of list experience, June’s vast knowledge of the medical list industry makes her an excellent resource for the company and their clients.

Complete Medical Lists, LLC provides businesses with targeted mailing, telemarketing, and email lists to help them reach targeted business and consumer prospects in the medical and health fields, and beyond.  Tim Burnell started in the company in 2006, and has over 20 years of experience in the list industry.  Serving clients across the country, Complete Medical Lists’ offerings include over 14 million medical and allied health professionals, as well as over 100 million households and 10 million businesses.

Amy Badurina

About Amy Badurina

Amy Badurina is the Marketing Maven at Complete Medical Lists. She is passionate about good design, photography, hiking, and her three boys.
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