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Read Twice. Print Once.

No one usually tries to procrastinate, but deadlines have a nasty habit of creeping up on you while you’re doing a million other just-as-important things.  Next thing you know, you’re rushing to get a marketing piece finished and to the … Continue reading

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Get Out The Vote Effectively

It seems like we’re always at some stage in an election cycle somewhere in America – the beginning of a governor’s race, the middle of an incumbent mayor’s race, the last push in a midterm election, and so on. Right … Continue reading

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Your Direct Marketing Campaign Goals: It’s the Brain, Stupid!

The digital versus physical advertising debate has been going on in one manner or another for a couple decades now.  Digital marketing isn’t going away.  But, the death of direct mail at the hands of digital* , which has been … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Emails Suck

We’ve all gotten promotional emails where we’ve wondered why the company bothered sending it – we can’t hit delete fast enough.  Those emails suck, but the people sending them didn’t realize it.  You can avoid the same mistakes by recognizing … Continue reading

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