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Just ‘cuz they say it, don’t make it so …

To this day I have no idea who They are*, but they continue to talk, talk, talk.  They have been talking for a long, long time and filling our collective heads with all sorts of half-truths and outright lies:  John … Continue reading

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The Times They Are A’Changin’ (And then they’ll be a’changin’ back…)

There’s a saying I’ve been hearing on the weather segments of the evening news since I was a kid:   “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a minute, it’ll change.”  I assume weather changes in other … Continue reading

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DM 101: Targeting. Why it doesn’t matter that everybody drinks water

Way back in the deep, dark recesses of the late ‘80s I was just starting out in the direct marketing industry.   A college buddy and I started a telemarketing company.  This post, mercifully, is not about that particular misadventure.   At … Continue reading

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No Problem!

When I was first involved in sales management about 15 years ago, I overheard a sales person sign off on a pretty positive call with {insert big smile here}, “Let me know if there are any problems!” What little hair … Continue reading

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Are you selling efficiency?

A couple articles caught my eye last week… First, there was this one talking about how hospital chains stocks were up 8% in 2010 making them one of a select set of sectors to outpace a sluggish stock market.  The … Continue reading

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