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Amy Badurina is the Marketing Maven at Complete Medical Lists. She is passionate about good design, photography, hiking, and her three boys.

Nurses: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

Nurses are a very popular audience for a wide variety of marketing offers.  Our database has nearly 5.6 million state licensed nurses with dozens of specialties and 400+ demographic & lifestyle selects available, making the targeting possibilities endless.  Not to … Continue reading

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Testing, Testing … 1, 2, 3 …

We are asked all the time about the best day/time to send an email campaign, why a campaign got the results it did, if certain elements should be included in a blast, etc.  We are happy to give guidance based … Continue reading

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Timing Is Everything

This time of year, most American marketers are hyper aware of timing their promotions just right.  For example, any mailings that don’t involve a Black Friday sale in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving have a high chance of getting … Continue reading

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Physician Mailing Lists Demystified

There are so many options with our Doctors files that it can feel overwhelming if you’re not exactly sure what all the terms mean, or why you’d want one select over another, or why you have to make so many … Continue reading

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Read Twice. Print Once.

No one usually tries to procrastinate, but deadlines have a nasty habit of creeping up on you while you’re doing a million other just-as-important things.  Next thing you know, you’re rushing to get a marketing piece finished and to the … Continue reading

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Get Out The Vote Effectively

It seems like we’re always at some stage in an election cycle somewhere in America – the beginning of a governor’s race, the middle of an incumbent mayor’s race, the last push in a midterm election, and so on. Right … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Emails Suck

We’ve all gotten promotional emails where we’ve wondered why the company bothered sending it – we can’t hit delete fast enough.  Those emails suck, but the people sending them didn’t realize it.  You can avoid the same mistakes by recognizing … Continue reading

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Creativity Steals the Show

I got to check out the DMA show in Boston yesterday.  Tim has been to a bazillion of these events, but it was my first direct marketing trade show.  I had expected it to be crammed with only mailing list … Continue reading

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Complete Medical Lists Doubles Workforce This Year

Complete Medical Lists, LLC, a full service mailing list compiler, broker, and manager, is excited to announce three new employees have been hired this year.  On the company’s fifth anniversary at the start of this year, the office boasted three … Continue reading

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Send Mail That Isn’t Junk

After you’ve spent time and money designing, printing, and mailing a promotional piece, the last thing you want to happen is for the recipients to immediately think, “Ugh … junk mail,” and quickly toss your hard work in the trash. … Continue reading

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